About Us

Kimmy Thompson   daughter/baker/owner

 This bakery was started in honor of the late Chef David M. Williams. For his pure devotion, 40 years of knowledge, and a never ending love for what he did. I have the greatest respect for him not only as being my father but my culinary inspiration and mentor thoughout my life. Out of respect and honor of his memory,I will take what he taught me and allow others to enjoy his passion though our pastries! 

"Funny Cake" is an old fashion Mennonite (PA Dutch) recipe that was passed down from my greatgrandmother. The crust and many recipes I use date back over 100 years. 

I use only unbleached flour and organic sugars in all my pie recipes.


Open everyday for orders!!

Check our page to see where we will be located for purchasing!!

Funny Cake Bakery

           "Where nothing matters but the batter!"
      (239) 288-3218



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