"Thank You very much for such a Beautiful - Yummy cake!" Jennifer

"I am the lucky guy who bought the last one...It was Father In Law ate 1/2 of it at once without stopping...Guess I'll get another next week. What I really like about each of your pies is not just the highest quality interesting ingredients and combinations - It's that each pie is uniquely crafted, almost sculpted, with obvious skill and even more obvious care and culinary love. Just buying her pie is worth the experience of learning about her pies...Not kidding..."- John

"Dessert last evening was Blueberry Crumb pie made by Funny Cakes Bakery - the best! You can find Kmberly & & Adam @ the North Naples Green Market. Every Saturday 8-1 Indoor @ Our Savior Lutheran Church. Thrilled to have your Pies!" - The Green Markets and Christmas Shoppe Facebook Page

"The blueberry pie was delicious :) We can't wait to try each one... Until next Saturday! " -Monica

"Delicious, delicious, delicious! Oh, and did I mention delicious?!!!" - Linda

"Oh My Gosh.just tasted the Apple Dumplings you sent up with Kat. It is a good think you are a long way away. Otherwise, I would be in BIG trouble. The crust is to die for...and the apple is PERFECT in level of tartness. Oh yeah..and the liquid in the bottom of the pan..well let me say, you could bribe a saint with it.and the saint would tell you it was worth it!"-Elaine

"Hubby brought home a blueberry funny cake from the Green Market in Naples. I don't like blueberry pie, but this was FANTASTIC" - Mary Ann

"ok...what to say about this festively decadent creation? Um...SWEET, but not overly so. GREAT chocolate flavor and the RIGHT level of moistness in both the cookie crust and intense center. The butter creme frosting was PERFECT..not greasy or that "all sugar" taste...just YUMMY goodness under a chocolate drizzle. Can't wait for Kat's next delivery up here....or you could set up a franchise here in Altamonte Springs, but that would be DANGEROUS!!! - Elaine C.

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